3E Stipendia

The 3 E Foundation gives financial support to the Netherlands Universities of Technology and their students, in the field of Electric Power engineering and Electricity supply technology.

The 3 E Foundation has still three or four stipendia (that are grants), of a value between 500 and 1.500 Euro each, available for students who

  • will start the MSc phase of their study before October 1, 2017,
  • are already in the MSc phase or
  • have already obtained their MSc degree after May 31, 2016.

The purpose of those grants is to give a contribution in the coverage of the costs, which the student or young MSc would have to face, when he or she wants

  • To undertake activities outside the own University, to gain more understanding of technical subjects, which are important for his or her (choice of) MSc or PhD study subject, by visiting an institute or industry or attending a conference in that field.
  • (Your professor may be able to help you to find those, if that’s a problem for you)

  • As recently graduated MSc, to increase his/her understanding of technical subject, which may be important for his or her professional career.

To be considered as a candidate for a 3 E grant it is a requirement that the applicant can, at least, speak some Dutch and has the intention to improve his command of that language.

(The Netherlands Universities of Technology offer Dutch language courses to students.)

The grant shall be used before the end of 2017.

Applications for a grant shall be submitted to the 3 E Foundation before April 16, 2017. To successful aplicants grants will be awarded early May 2017.

Who is interested and considers to apply, can send an e-mail to theo@ykema.demon.nl with a request for an information leaflet ”how to apply for a 3 E-Royal SMIT stipendium ”.

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