The ‘Sterkstroomdispuut der Electrotechnische Vereeniging’ (SSD) was founded in 1964 as a chapter of Electrotechnische Vereeniging (ETV). It is the student association for Master students pursuing Electrical Sustainable Energy (also called, Electrical Power Engineering).

The SSD is proud to be one of the oldest student associations of TU Delft. Carrying this rich legacy forward, the SSD board of 2017 encompasses:

President - Ainee Ansaari

Secretary - Sanjay Ganeshan

Treasurer - Satish Buddhawar

Commissioner - Diwangkoro Muhammad Dolaputra

The SSD board of 2016 had a successful year. The highlights of their year long run included an excursion trip to the Siemens factory in Germany accompanied with wandering around the streets of Berlin; another excursion to DNV-GL where the students got to witness a lifetime experience of visiting world’s largest High Voltage Lab; lunch lecture on ‘The Future of PV Technology’.

For this year 2017, SSD has organised a Social Drink at the /Pub of EWI. The event was attended by the department’s professors, staff and students. The event served its purpose as it helped the professors and students to have a lot of discussion over drinks. A visit to DNV-GL is planned for the coming month.

Albert Einstein rightly said “The only source of knowledge is experience”. In today’s world, there is an extensive need for practical exposure to real-life engineering. They provide necessary skills, required to bridge the gap between knowledge and confidence. Besides company excursions, we intend to organise several seminars and lunch lectures with the aid of the distinguished faculty of our department.

Keeping the strenuous academic activities aside, we also aim to have ‘Social Drinks’ night, BBQ night, Pot luck Dinners, Innovative Board Games Day for the department of ESE to spark some respite from the quotidian life. And then there is the most awaited traditional Christmas Lunch for the department of ESE to wrap up another sterling year of SSD.

After all, the faint tinkling of a broken filament will become another sound of another century.

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