Ampulz B.V.

10:00-11:00 | 18th of August 2020

The next lecture was taken by Mahesh, Bart, and Albert from Ampulz B.V., a power electronics company dealing with a variety of clients in the public transport, educational, as well as oil&gas industries. Ampulz is a daughter company of Vonk B.V. which plays an important role in enabling the energy transition through catering solutions for Power Conversion, Electrical & Instrumentation, and Control & Automation challenges. The speakers discussed the long history of the company, and described the key ongoing projects. One of these is the Decomplexed platform, which was powered by the innovative VONK energy system. The students were thrilled to hear about the various internship and job opportunities at the company.

Event Poster (Ampulz B.V.)

The feedback we received from this lecture was proof that our efforts in improving the quality of our online events were in the right direction!