Visit DNV & KEMA Labs

On May 18th 2022, the Sterkstroomdispuut der ETV, along with the master’s student of Electrical Power Engineering (EPE) and Sustainable Energy Technology (SET) spent a day at Arnhem visiting DNV – Energy Systems and KEMA Labs, two well-known companies in the field of high voltage engineering.

We like to express our gratitude towards the companies for the wonderful time we got to spend in Arnhem. The day started at DNV with a couple of presentations about their exciting work from Ebbo de Meulemeester, Peter Kolmeijer, Guillermo Andrés Mier Escurra, Zameer Ahmad, and Aman Lamba. Subjects ranged from Offshore Substation Inspections to Lightning Strike Investigations. We were also joined by Christiaan Engelbrecht, who recently joined the High Voltage Lab of the TU Delft.

Presentations at DNV

After a nice lunch at DNV, we headed to KEMA Labs where we were shown around the premises by Peter Vaessen, Ronald Gruntjes, and Ruben Wiggers. We got to see their renowned high-voltage and high-power labs. The high-power lab is one of the largest in the world, with short-circuit power up to 15000MVA. We would like to thank our guides for sharing their knowledge and experience.

Tour at KEMA Labs

A special thanks to Beau Kuik of KEMA Labs, who spent the day with us, and gave us an insight into their work culture and potential job opportunities.

We ended the day with a nice dinner with all the participants. Thank you all for being there!

Dinner in Arnhem

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